About Us

About Us

Welcome to JDSL Recycling LTD

“Nigeria produces an estimation of 32 million tons of solid waste per year, with only about 20-30 percent of it being collected and managed correctly. The remainder of the waste is either dumped in unauthorized places or burned, contributing to pollution and health risks”

The growing utilization of recyclable waste in industrial and consumer
applications, manufacturers’ endless desire for cheaper raw materials as well as increased awareness surrounding solid waste recycling have led to an increased demand for recycled plastic waste in all forms.

JDSL RECYCLING as a responsible Social enterprise has tapped into this huge demand and opportunities as sustainability enterprise and champion of SDG Goals of No poverty and creating wealth .

JDSL RECYCLING is a social enterprise addressing poverty, unemployment and climate change challenges in Nigeria, using various recyclable waste as the currency of exchange value. We are today giving opportunities at different strata of life -community , schools, hospitals,corporate organizations at the amazing mutual benefits to all concerned in the circular economy.

JDSL recycling identifies sustainable methods for waste control to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment in creating sustainable wealth.


Recycling waste such as

  • Aluminum (Can)
  • Aluminum Sheet
  • Pure water nylon:
  • VIJU
  • Cream
  • Chair
  • Crate
  • Iron Metal

We Support & Contribute to Goal 12 of the UN SDGs

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